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This is the article i found on the internet and i am posting it here just to motivate world who think that they cant’t do this or that. If that Guy (Brad Traversy) can do it! YOU CAN TOO. Leave some claps if you find it useful.

Tell Us About Your Past Up To Now

I grew up middle-to-lower class north of Boston Massachusetts. My father was a drug addict and alcoholic.

If You Could Go Back 10 Years, What Would You Do Differently?

If only 10 years, I probably would not do much differently. Maybe focus more on web development than computer repair.

What is the Biggest Contributor to Your Success?

I think my relentless passion for building things and for design/development in general — I love putting stuff together.

Brad’s Son(middle) , Daughter(left) and Wife(right)

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years and What Are You Doing?

I see myself being one of the biggest resources for online education both on YouTube as well as premium platforms like Udemy.

What Non-Tech Skills Would You Recommend Developers Have?

I would say social skills. Learn how to work with people and also how to never act arrogant and talk down to people.

What Advice Do You Have for Freelancers?

Your 5 Tips for Someone New to Web Development:

  1. Try not to get overwhelmed: There is a TON of information out there as well as languages, frameworks, etc. Take your time looking at each one and find something you have a knack for. It could be frontend, backend/database, full stack. Find what you are most interested in most and stick with it.
  2. Do not get discouraged and feel like you do not belong: Development is hard. It takes a lot of time and effort to wrap your head around many concepts. You may feel stupid at times, I know I have over and over. Even the best programmers in the world had areas of struggle. Work through it and do not give up. If other programmers are disrespectful and make you feel dumb, ignore them and just know they have self-confidence issues themselves and that’s why they do that.
  3. Don’t get caught up in “latest trends”: Trends change almost daily. Find something you love. I’m not saying pay no attention to what’s hot and what’s not, but do not make your decision on what you want to do based on that alone. Many people do and it’s unfortunate.
  4. Code everyday but also take breaks: I think everyone should code everyday, whether it is a tutorial or your own project or even just reading articles about development. At the same time, it is important to take a break: get up and stretch, go for a walk and refresh your brain.
  5. Build your own projects: Tutorials and courses are great, but you can only learn so much following a tutorial. Take what you learn from those tutorials and create your own stuff. You will learn how to think critically and solve problems much more than you would in a tutorial. Tutorials are important though, especially mine 😊 (just kidding).

What is Something That Most People Don’t Know About You?

I think my struggles with addiction. I have said it publicly, but only a couple times.

What Would You Like to be Remembered For?

I want to be remembered as the average guy that taught people how to become a better developer and better person overall.