[JavaScript ES10] New Features in ECMAScript 10/ ES2019 Version

ES10 is not as significant as ES6 in terms of new language features but it does add several interesting ones.

1. String.matchAll()

const matchIterator = str.matchAll(regExp);

2. Array.flat() & Array.flatMap()

The flatMap() method maps each element using a mapping function and flattens the result into a new array.

3. Dynamic Import

4. Object.fromEntries()

5. TrimStart() and TrimEnd()

6. Symbol.prototype.description()

7. Optional Catch Binding

8. Well Formed JSON.stringify()

9. Array Sort Stability

10. Enhanced toString()

11. Standardized “globalThis” Object

Well that’s all about new upcoming changes in JavaScript ES10 Specification. Do leave some claps if you find this Post useful.

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