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  • Magdalena Siljanoska Spinola

    Magdalena Siljanoska Spinola

    Software engineer by profession. Plants, books, languages, teaching and art fanatic by nature. Software engineer @ Ycode

  • Mandeep Kaur Sidhu

    Mandeep Kaur Sidhu

    Founder & CEO SimbaQuartz / Smiles.Care

  • Sara Vieira

    Sara Vieira

    Front-End Developer , Blogger , Drummer and TV Show Addict

  • Brad Traversy

    Brad Traversy

    Web developer and instructor for Traversy Media

  • Saloni Malhotra

    Saloni Malhotra

    I write about web development, Answers questions on Quora. Solving people problems using code spells. Web developer, Writer, Thinker.

  • Beau Carnes

    Beau Carnes

    Teacher and software developer @ freeCodeCamp. http://carnes.cc - My algorithms course: https://is.gd/algmot - My deep learning course: https://is.gd/deeple

  • JavaScript Daily

    JavaScript Daily

    JavaScript community news, opinions and articles.

  • Josh Pitzalis

    Josh Pitzalis

    Co-founder Chirr.app • Write and schedule Twitter threads 🧵

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