[Angular Material: DatePicker] Set Custom Date in (DD-MM-YYYY) format

As working with Angular Material 8 DatePicker Component, i was not able to set the Date in a specific format. After spending 2 hours of researching, i achieved the Goal by following multiple articles. Later thought why don’t i make it easy for others, who might get into the same situation.

So here i am, Back with another problem solving magical thing, Here i was using Template-Driven Approach to build forms.


The HELPER Function

This is the functionthat will translate the Date to DD-MM-YYYY format as the example, however you can customize it accordingly. I created a single file named “format-datepicker.ts” and written following code..

Provide this implementation inside the providers tag of Component Decorator by overriding the default,

And Boom, You will see the result!

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